Aidil Fakhirin Sharizaq

Get out of your comfort zone if you want to get into a much more comfortable zone!

– Aidil FS

This is for her

i love you more

Painfull Price

I’ve done a lot of bad decisions,but Im putting myself back on the good course,but,a long the way,i still got to pay the painfull price.

Theres absolutely no excuse to achieve your very best. No excuse. At all.

– Aidil FS

'If you wanna be GOOD at scriptwriting,learn everthing about screenplay, but if you wanna be GREAT at scriptwriting,learn everything about film.'

– Thats what i believe in ~Aidil FS

Where will you be in the next 3 years?

I ask that question all the time. I know we cant really know but having the thought reminds me to work hard in the present. Where will you be? Have you ever wonder?

Share your passion with family

I did that and it felt great. By telling and sharing what you love doin,you get a sudden rush of motivation.Keeps you moving forward.

My mind need to set sail into the ocean of creativeness,but Im not going on Titanic

– Aidil FS

Quick lesson from a rapper’ twitter bio

'Everyone deserves a shot at greatness' thats what LLCoolJ twitter bio said. But how many of us even tried for a shot?

'A stormy sea can be rough and ugly,but the calmness and peace of the ocean comes after that storm'.

– Aidil FS
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